Friday, August 26, 2011

365 project // Friday Favorites

(Posted August 26 2011)

1. Finally getting my 365 project blog going! I'm so excited to do this throughout the next year! Should be exciting and fun and hopefully I'll learn more about how to take great photos. (:
Check my my photos at: Chasing Pavements OR on my Flikr page.

2. While look at Yahoo's photos of the week. I discovered Stephen Wilkes. His photography is amazing! I'm pretty sure I've heard his name before... but anyway. His day and night pictures are awesome and I'd really like it if the library got his book "Ellis Island: Ghosts of freedom" because I sure would like to look at it!

3. Finally starting the "hunger games" its a pretty good book so far!

4. I will always laugh at the fact that half the pins I pin on pinerest, are Harry Potter related. But hey, Megan is worse than I am! (:

Have a wonderful friday everyone!

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