Saturday, July 14, 2012

perks of life v.i

+gray skies teasing you with a raindrop
+mornings at the coffee house
+friends who bring you chocolates
+corn growing tall
+good summer tunes
+the line of trailers at the fair grounds
+anticipation for the county fair
+friendship bracelets 
+ice cold lemonade
+purple 4H ribbons | view my 4h photos HERE.

what has made you smile this week?

instagram: @marissakayann 


  1. i like those bracelets--i've been making a lot these days. :) how do you make the chevron ones?

  2. I love this list. A lot has been making me smile lately - rainstorms, finding $20 on the street, seeing my best friend. :)

  3. beautiful pictures. lots of things have made me smile-- my cousins coming out to visit, rain, the grass finally turning green, packing (because i'm a complete packing freak and i just love it to death.) and so much more. ;)

    xo. rachel


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