Tuesday, August 28, 2012

earn your wings| first week at college.


Finding a place to begin telling you about this past week is much harder than you think. So much has gone on and so many changes have happened. In a way I think I'm still processing everything. In some ways it feels like this isn't even reality and in others it feels like its been like this for months.

I was taking a pretty big leap of faith when I came to OC. My first time on campus was only a week ago. I had only seen pictures before that. I knew practically no one. I was moving to a more "southern" state. And I soon discovered that there are more texans here than I can process. But I took it all in. I soaked myself in the changes and newness.

My emotions were everywhere on move-in day. I was excited and nervous at the same time. As we were nearing Oklahoma City, a storm hit. As you can imagine, it made for a very interesting move-in day. Moving into a place you are going to live in for the next year is more work than you think. By the end of the day, I was exhausted. This was only the beginning.

The next six days were a blur of activity. Earn Your Wings is what OC calls freshman orientation. It's a week to get to know your freshman class, as well as how things work on the OC campus and other information about college life.

The week was long, but there were definitely some highlights. Kite day: a day where K-6th grade kids from a near by academy came and we paired up with one of them to fly kites for a few hours. It was a complete blast. Dry Gulch: a western town camp, complete with go-carts, bumper cars and a carousel. I learned a lot during EYW. The most important thing that I think all of us freshmen learned, was what OC is all about. OC is a community, a God serving community. This is something I'm extremely excited for. I've already seen this after just one week of being on campus. I'm so excited to see what happens in the next four years.

Earn Your Wings ended with a "maroon out" at the first soccer games of the season and a banquet on Sunday put on by the faculty for the freshmen. After this week, I was excited for classes to start. Yesterday we inaugurated OC's new president and it was the first day of classes. I am so excited for this coming year and making OC my home. This will truly be an adventure.



  1. well congrats to you! :D i'm sure it's been so exciting(slash nerve-wracking) for you. have a great year Marissa, good luck :D

  2. love your blog!!

  3. Hey Marissa! I miss you already. I ever really got to say goodbye to you. I hope that collage is wonderful, and I will be praying for you.

  4. This makes me weirdly sentimental. I may or may not have gotten a lot of goosebumps. I'm beyond proud of you, my freshie friend. You're gonna change the world! And hey, maybe sometime I could come visit you! (:

    Much love xoxo

  5. Great blog! I would love it if you stopped by mine: Living Fully By Faith.


  6. This was my first week of college, too. Isn't it fun/crazy/stressful all at once? :) I'm glad your college is God-serving. That's a blessing! :)

  7. How exciting! This post was so cool. I know college can keep you incredibly busy, but i do hope you'll continue blogging through this experience. good luck with your classes! xo


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