Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 || the moments, the memories.

Twenty twelve. It's hard to believe it's almost over. Every time December 31st comes around I think to myself "where did the year go". The last week of the year is always filled with nostalgia. Going through photographs from the past year, and remembering the moments and what was going on in each photo brings memories rushing back. This is one of the reasons I love photography. I take so many photographs throughout the year and I often forget about most of them after a blog post/facebook album, but at the end of the year everything comes back.

This year, was one of the craziest yet. The first half was spent finishing up the senior year and the second half was my first semester of college and an amazing summer has smashed into the middle. I can only look back at twenty twelve and say "what a year." It wasn't all fun and games, I learned a lot of lessons and grew as a person. Twenty twelve was the year of change and discovery with hardships thrown in on the side. Twenty twelve is now a finished chapter, and Twenty thirteen is just waiting to be written.

"What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce." | | Karl Langerfield 

JANUARY ||  the year started off in prayer and many weeks spent in waiting rooms. Being cooped up made me want to travel and that became the main topic of my January. 
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road DSC_1856

FEBRUARY ||  February days were spent indoors and in libraries. Megan and I discovered boxes of old photos and took a journey down memory lane. I was busy preparing for a senior recital and a scholarship audition. Life seemed like a whirlwind and I was left trying to catch up. 
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DSC_2611 DSC_2566

MARCH || The awkward, in-between winter and spring month. Biggest thing that happen was the Hunger Games premiere. It was the night everyone had been looking forward to. It was the first movie I ever saw three times in theater. March of 2012 will always be known as "Hunger Games" month. 
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DSC_0097 DSC_0661

APRIL || The month that spring comes. The month that kittens are born and flowers begin to grow. This is also the month, that for a senior in high school, means crunch time. ACT prep was in full-force when april came around, and graduation was so close I could feel it.
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MAY || Graduation month. May was a month of rushing around, making plans, practicing like a mad man and going through thousands of photos. I somehow made it through all the craziness and graduation came and went and I knew things were going to change soon. But, summer was "just around the river bend" (*grin* sorry, I had to). I was ready for those warm days.
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JUNE || June. Every time I think about this month I can practically feel the warm summer breeze and the excitement for all the summer plans that were being made. June, not only was the beginning of the summer, but the beginning of camp season. Camp this year was phenomenal as always, and when it was over I was left feeling like a piece of my childhood was gone. Camp will never be the same for me again, but it will always be part of my life.
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JULY || A month filled to the brim of summery things. Gatherings with friends happened often. Fourth of july we lit sparklers and watch the show of colors in the sky. Fair week we ate to many chocolate shakes and french fries and we were constantly covered in dust. My summer project of the year was 50 photos of summer. I remember thinking in July that I need to take one moment at a time because soon I would be at college away from everything at home. 
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AUGUST || The month everything changed. I celebrated my 19th birthday right before our family took a vacation to St. Louis. I moved into a dorm room down in Oklahoma and survived “earn your wings.” I went through so much in August. It’s hard to believe that was only four months ago... 
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SEPTEMBER || I was in full college mode in September. Adjusting to the non-autumn-ness of Oklahoma and just trying to learn how college works. 
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OCTOBER || College got crazy busy in October. I had just finished up Freshman Fanfare and the first music concerts of the year were coming up. Oklahoma still didn’t look (or feel) like October. I took my first trip to Wichita for fall break and had a blast. October was when I was finally grasping college life.
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NOVEMBER || I was flying home for Thanksgiving break, and ended up spending 15 hours in an airport because of a cancelled flight, but I made it home. Thanksgiving day was full of family time and food. It was wonderful to spend some time at home. 
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DECEMBER || I survived finals week and it was time for christmas break. I drove 11 hours to my home state and was welcomed with a blizzard a few days in. Time was spent with friends and family and it was a much needed break after the first semester of college. 
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TOPS OF 2012

SONGS            (most plays through the year)
+ hide and seek // imogen heap
+ up with the birds // coldplay
+ falling in love at a coffee shop // landon pigg
+ hopeless wanderer // mumford & sons
+ haunted // leagues

+ Hunger Games
+ Hobbit
+ Dark Knight Rises
+ Avengers
+ LES MIS ( go see this right now. like... go. now.)

S'long Twenty twelve, it's been a roller-coaster the past 366 days. Twenty thirteen, lets do this.


2012 | favorite photographs


  1. I love how you did this post, it's beautiful. I've been wanting the pictures on our blog to be bigger. ah, wanting so many things to be different on our blog... on to 2013! =)

  2. yayyy. Happy memories and nostalgia freak-outs. FTW. ;)

  3. I love how you styled this recap!:) Happy new year!

  4. I love your photography, Marissa. Sounds like 2012 was a big year for all of us. Happiest of New Years to you! :)

  5. Beautiful post; I love the large, lovely photos.
    College is such an interesting experience. I took online courses for two years and this was the first year I went to a university on campus. As a former homeschooled child that was an interesting experience. I cannot imagine how fun/scary living on campus far from your family has been.

  6. Looks like a great year! I like your pictures and blog.

    ~Sarah from

  7. Lovely photos! And I love that quote! :)

  8. Love the first shot for May!!! And yay Hunger Games!! Can't wait until the second one!!!


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