Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year = Changes

With the new year here, changes are pretty much a sure thing. You can count on a lot of changes in 201. Its a new decade and I'm sure that by 2015 we will be moving around in flying cars and wearing tin-foil suits.  (Just kidding of course)
But you never know what this year will bring!

I've been think a lot about my blog and its name recently. And I really wanted to change it to something that I really liked and that just clicked with me.

We recently watched the movie "Ramona and Beezus". (Cute movie and you should ALL watch it.) In the movie, Beezus says to Ramona as they are laying in bed one night

"You are your own person. You don't care about coloring inside the lines." 
I love the quote. The other day, I got a name idea for my blog. Inspired by that quote.

Outside the Lines.

I'm striving to Live, Think and Dream, Outside the Lines. To be different and go against the flow of everyone else. To be who I am and not some body else. This new name is perfect for me. So. Welcome to Outside the Lines.
Now go watch Ramona and Beezus. NOW.

PS. I'm back from Georgia!! Pictures coming soon =]

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