Monday, January 24, 2011

Winterjam. 2011.

Do any of you remember that concert I went to last year with a bunch of my friends? Winterjam. You know like the best concert EVER? Yah that one. Well, I went again this year. And it was quite possibly equally as amazing as last years concert.

And you know what? (Yes I do start sentences with and) God is just really awesome. Let me tell you. We had had a lot of trouble days before the concert trying to get everyone up to Des Monies and back... It was pretty insane. Then we almost didn't continue up to Des Monies because of the snow... (which ended up just being flurries anyway.) When we finally made it up to the Wells Fargo Arena, we walked all the way around the building before we found the door. (If we had walked the other way it would have just been around the corner) Did I mention in was like -6 outside??? Yah it was cold. But we got there early enough to not have to wait outside. So we get inside and meet the Sidewalk Prophets (if you haven't heard them, you need to go listen to them. Like, NOW.) After all that we just got in line waiting for the doors to open at 6:00. As we are waiting this lady comes up to us and says:

"Would you all like to help sign in VIP's? You'll get in for free and before everyone else."

At first we were like, ok wow. This is weird. We then told her that we had a group of 10 people and she was like Oh great! I need like 12 people.

Is that not the craziest thing ever? After all our trouble of getting people up there and snow and everything we get in for free and got good seats AND had fun signing in VIP's instead of being bored waiting in line for 2 hours. God just makes me smile.

The music was amazing. There is this passion that Christian Artists have in their music that just isn't in other music. Plus thumbs up for having a variety of styles in this show.
You've got Red for the rockers and David Crowder Band for more worship type songs.... It was great. Good show.
Plus afterwords, we got Kutless and Chris August autographs =] We would have gotten Newsboys as well, but the line was 2 miles long and it was already like 11:30.

So that was my fun filled friday! If Winterjam is coming to your town, you definitely need to go. I know you'll love it.

To see the rest of the tour dates go here:

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Do anything exciting?

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