Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finally a weekend.

My friends and I at school are always talking about how we have no weekend. We normally have a bunch of homework to do. Its either, do homework or cram in all on Monday and Tuesday. 

Well this weekend I finally had an actual fun weekend. (After I did some homework of course.)

Me and a few of my really good friends went to go see The Eagle. 
Yes. It was super good.

A little free fact about me: I love stuff about Rome. I just find it so interesting. So, I liked this movie and it is loosely based on a part of the Roman History. I'll have to do some more reading to find out what all was truth and what all was just made up. 

Just a few pictures from our very fun evening: 

First time they ever ate a Chick-fli-a. 

I think they liked it =D

A review for the Eagle could be coming up soon. 

Also, be on the look out in the future for a vlog or two. Me and my sister Megan are thinking about doing some vlogs together. They'll be crazy let me tell you that! 

Did you do anything fun this weekend??? 

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