Thursday, February 10, 2011

A chunk of Random.

1. The fact that 3 times now at Wal-mart, I have been asked if the pictures I was printing were professional. This really cracks me up. Because when I see girls in shorts and sweatshirts by a pond I think professionally taken pictures.... 

2. I LOVE Julian Smiths videos. Call me weird, but they are so hilarious! I've watched every single one at least two times. His latest one was especially amusing. 

"When God created Abam and Eve I'm pretty sure he gave them Umoves" 

3. I would enjoy NOT having braces right now. 

4. I'm currently working on a scrapbook of things I do during my Junior and Senior year. Its coming along nicely =] Scrapbooking is an art in and of itself thats for sure.

5. Quote of the week:
"If you're going to risk, and maybe fail, fail at something that matters. Fail gloriously so that even in failure, lives change." - Jon Acuff

6. I was not very impressed with the half-time show during the super-bowl. Can we please have good music during it one of these days?? 

7. Incase anyone cares, I'm really excited to see this movie on Saturday:

Looks good right? Yes. I think so too. 

I hope you all have had a lovely week so far. Anything exciting happen? Did you get hit by a snowstorm??

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