Sunday, February 6, 2011

Some Changes

Don't freak. Its only some design changes. I thought maybe my blog needed a little face lift. Plus, I had some extra time anyway, since I'm on facebook fast. I'd like to point a few new things out to you.
 First, You'll notice some little button on my side bar. Well those are handy little things that will connect you to my facebook, twitter and flickr pages. Check them out!
The mini blog. A twitter widget that shows my recent twitter updates.
 Sites that I heart. Check them out. They are all amazing. This page includes some of my favorite blogs and well as other blogs done by writers, and other people. And even just some regular sites that aren't blogs.
And probably the most noticeable, the new header. =] So, thoughts? Let me know how you like the new connect things! :D 

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