Thursday, April 28, 2011

Because I have jumbled thoughts...

This will be a very random post. Haven't done one for a while... well... sorta. You get what I mean.

I'm sure you all are aware of my, slight obsession with all things music, especially with getting tons of CD's at the library, well, I only got 3 today, but I'm extremely excited to start listening to them! 

Peter, Paul and Mary, The Beatles and Louis Armstrong. 

Good stuff no? I listened to a bunch of Jazz stuff the other week for music class and I realized and I really like it! It makes me think of World War II and New Orleans. 

Also, just as a little bonus, not only do I check out tons and tons of CD's to listen too, I have a VERY large itunes collections. 

Insane right? If I played music all day long, it would last for 4.5 days. And this doesn't even include my Christmas music! 


This is my new favorite movie. 

If you haven't seen it. You need to. Like seriously. Go watch it right now. 


My sister Megan just opened up her Etsy Shop! Check it out! 

     Link:  Cobblestone Lane  


Any Dekker fans out there? Just checked this guy out at the library. 


I think that Julian Smith's video are so stinkin' HILARIOUS. 

Well. I told you this was random. And it was, but random post are good every once in a while. Hopefully a more.... non-random post soon and maybe a  vlog.... who knows. 

OH! One last thing. SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS MOVIE!!!!!!! 

Okay. I'm done now. :)

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