Monday, May 16, 2011

The end. done. finished.

*Insert huge sigh and screams of excitement here*

All day long after school the only thing me and my friends could think of was songs about school. Mainly that high-school musical one thats just really annoying yet really catchy.

I honestly can't believe that school is over! Its just SO weird! I've had to do the same things since late August. Tons of homework, crazy days, late nights, early mornings... and now, its all over. I can actually SLEEP and do stuff with out having to stress about the fact that I have a test to study for or a paper to write .

I cleaned off my desk. It looks so bare with out all the school stuff on it!
If I had to choose a class that I would miss the most, it would definitely be Lit. It was by far my favorite class this year. We read SO many great pieces of literature! Plus it was just a fun class in general and I learned a lot! 

No more study days at the coffee house. No more reading homework with a latte. mmm. Slightly sad. But I'll get over it. :)

Since I've been one break: My friends and I had an insane party day after school and when to the mall shopping. It was SO fun not to be worrying about school because we didn't have any! What a great feeling!

I have also gathered a collection of movies from the library to watch.
I've rearranged our room with Megan. (Post about this to come it was quite the adventure.)
I have also decided that this summer I'm going to watch all eight seasons of the Cosby Show. haha. Just because I CAN. How classy.

Well. I'll leave you with this informative post. And be on the looking for the post of the rearranging! Oh it was SO FUN!

Have a great monday loves!

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