Sunday, July 10, 2011

Feelings of Summer

Do you have get certain feelings during different seasons?

I do.

Winter has a warm, cosy kinda of feeling. A stay-inside-where-its-warm feeling.

Fall has the feeling of sweatshirts and roasting marshmallows.
Spring, the earth is waking up from the frozen slumber and everything feels alive.
Summer, the feeling of freedom, fun and carefree.
Summer is filled with activities like, going to a free Sidewalk Prophets concert in the park.

Burning 12 boxes of sparklers while wait for...

Forth of July fireworks.

Going to see Cars 2 with your siblings at the 9:00pm showing and leaving the parents at home to relax.

And freaking out about the up-comings mid night premiere of HARRY POTTER SEVEN PART TWO!!!

What have you done so far this summer? Going to see/seen any movies?

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