Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Dearest Summer

(Posted August 16 2011)

My dearest summer. Where have you gone?
The carefree days,
The lazy days,
The camp days,
Where have you taken them?
My dearest summer. Why must you leave so early?
Its too soon for you to pack your bags.
Can't you stay a while longer?
Don't hit the road just yet.
You know you'll be missed.
You brought so much fun,
and Friendship.
You brought birthdays,
and laughter,
movie premieres,
and rodeos.
You brought warm sunshine,
so sprinklers could be used.
My dearest summer.
Don't go just yet.
We'll miss you so.
Notebooks are being bought.
Pencils are being sharpen,
but that doesn't mean you have to go.
My dearest summer.
Don't stay way to long.
Come back and warm our faces,
with the glow of carefree fun.
My dearest summer. Please hurry back soon.

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