Friday, December 9, 2011

and then it snowed

Tuesday morning I woke up to Megan saying
"Look! It snowed!"
Later, both of us grabbed our cameras and ran outside to take pictures as even more snow began to fall to the earth. It was cold, but we didn't care. Snapping picture after picture to capture the moments of the snow fall. It was so exciting! We hadn't gotten a "real" snow this year yet. It seemed as if it would never come!

 I anticipated that morning that I would wake up and see a blanket of white covering the earth. The surprise feeling of seeing a world of white is one of my favorites. Iowa winters always produce a lot of snow, so after the first few it gets less exciting and more annoying. But those first snows, the ones in december, are so exciting and fun. Its finally feeling like winter around here. With that, comes the holidays. 

Has it snowed where you live? Or are you still waiting for the first snow fall?


  1. okay. It's not funny anymore. I dislike very much when we post about the same things. I was seriously just writing a post about this...

  2. Beautiful pictures!! I love the first snowfall! We had our first snowfall in October but it melted and now it's the 9th of December and we don't have any snow yet...=)

  3. Megan and Marissa, you guys crack me up! perhaps now you should start your posts by thinking, hmmm, what is the least likely thing that she will post? lol!

    Marissa, you are very right that the snow gets annoying. I am quite appreciating this year, though, that it actually waited until December! that way I can also like these pretty snows we have been having, as opposed to in October... =)


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