Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas lights

"Oh, when you're still waiting for the snow to fall, It doesn't really feel like Christmas at all" 
I woke up today with the hope that some how, there would be a white blank of snow covering the ground. 

There wasn't.

The words to the classic christmas song "I'm dreamin' of a white christmas," never had so much meaning and understanding then now.
But, despite the lack of white outside, I jumped up, for it was Christmas Eve! Plenty todo and lots to enjoy!

"Those Christmas lights light up the street, Down where the sea and city meet"

I soon forgot that there was no snow as I watched my sisters run around the house screaming that it was Christmas eve and so, the day began.

(1) We sat down and covered pretzels in chocolate to take to grandmas. 
(2) Wrapped last minute gifts.
(3) Listened to Christmas music for hours.
(4) Watched Christmas specials on ABC family.
(5) Packed out bags as the time grew near to drive to the grandparents house for the night.
(6) Loaded two cars full of pillows, bags, food and gifts.
(7) We opened our presents from our "secret siblings."
(8) Laughing with Megan at the fact that we have an actual tree at grandma's this year.
(9) We made sugar cookies with our aunt.
(10) I finally watched its a wonderful life.

Yes. Christmas Eve was wonderful and even if their isn't any snow, tomorrow will be even more wonderful.

"May all your troubles soon be gone, Oh, Christmas lights, keep shinin' on." -Coldplay

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  1. Hope that you have a wonderful Christmas! :)


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