Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to host a christmas party 101

This year, I discovered how to throw a real Christmas party. One that was so fun to plan and host that I'm sure it will bring about many more fantastic parties. I figured that most of you wouldn't know how to throw such a party, so here is the basic six guidelines to help you in all parties Christmas related.

(1) Food. Always have food at Christmas parties. Especially cookies. Its a must to have at least three different kinds.

(2) Decorations. Of course, it wouldn't be a christmas party with out decorations! Lots of lights and red ornaments is best. Also paper snowflakes and candy canes are good too.

(3) A tree. One of the most important parts of your christmas party success is the tree. Decorate it yourself or have your guests do it for you!

(4) Catch phrase. This is the perfect game for a party. Its crazy, fun and involves lots of laughing and yelling.

(5) Christmas movies. The #1 movie to watch at a Christmas party is Elf. How can you go wrong with a classic?

(6) A picture with Santa. Of course what will really make your party awesome is if you bring santa. Its never a Christmas party until santa arrives!

Happy Christmas Eve Eve!


  1. This made me smile. Happy Christmas Eve Eve! Have you watched Eloise at Christmasttime yet? ;) hee hee. Okay. ♥

  2. For the record I don't wear short shorts those are my jamies:)

  3. The last one makes me laugh.

  4. I love Catch Phrase, and your Santa pictures :)

  5. Great pictures!!

  6. LOL! Love this post! I think we should write a book! :D

  7. HaHa. Our parties are always the best. :)


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