Monday, December 19, 2011

»Ten things«

(1) the fact that christmas is in six day
(2) the fact that all my christmas shopping is D.O.N.E
(3) really enjoying that megan and I are wrapping presents in brown paper
(4) graffiti tunnels. they are the coolest.
(5) christmas parties with the best friends. we through the best parties. thats a fact.
(6) the fact that I have elf quotes going through my head 24/7 "SANNNNTTTTAAAA"
(7) taking pictures of the little girls
(8) that fact that eloise at christmastime will be on TV this week
(9) getting up early on wednesdays just to spend time with friends (and drink coffee)
(10) how break leaves plenty of time for megan and i to stay up late and watch Merlin. We are so cool.

Do you have a list of ten recent favorite things?


  1. Love your pictures and ten favorite things!!

  2. "SANNNNTTTTAAAA" yes. yes yes yes.

  3. loved. this. beautiful photos!
    p.s. I'm hosting a 100 follower giveaway on my blog, if you'd like to join!

  4. Your not Santa you smell like beef and cheese:)


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