Wednesday, January 4, 2012

To travel: Italy

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Those are just some of the few reason why I would love to see Italy. The buildings, history and gorgeous landscape alone would make me want to go. The rest is just a bonus. I really just wish to take thousand and thousands of photos. The ocean, art, countryside - all of this and so much more would fill my heart with joy if I could get even just a few pictures. Someday, Italy and I shall meet. Then, my camera and I shall go on a grand adventure. 

Where do YOU want to go?


  1. Must visit Italy!!


  2. Everywhere personally. Ireland, Germany, Spain, Italy, England, Switzerland- every country is tempting to me.
    Lovely post dear. <3

  3. Can we go to Italy together? xo

  4. Count me in. I'm coming to Italy too.

  5. Marissa I'm going to hide in your suit case, Just to let you know.

  6. I'm going to Italy on a school trip next summer :) for three weeks, I am SO EXCITED.


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