Monday, January 2, 2012

a word for 2012

Well. Here we are. 2012. We made it. 

I still can't believe its January or 2012 for that matter. The idea seems completely foreign to my mind. But it is slow sinking in. 

I've been thinking about new year resolutions the past few days. I have a small idea as to what mine are, but I really wanted to choose just one thing, one word, that says exactly what I am trying to achieve. 
I thought about for a long time about this. Weeks actually. Because I wanted to find the prefect word. A word that fit me as a person, but also would prefect describe what I wanted to do in 2012. Ideas whirled around in my head. I went to pinterest for inspiration, I went to hundreds of quotes to figure out what this word was going to be. Finally it just sort of came to me one day as I was just staring out the window thinking. The word I settled on is:



»Above pictures were inspiration that made me say "yes. discover is it"«

I want to discover things this year. 
Discover more about God.
Discover more about who i am.
Discover more about life. 

All of my life I have loved to learn new things and learn more about things that interest me. 
Life is about finding out new things and exploring. Thats what I want to do. Discover and fall in love with everything around me and life. Discover the beauty and simplicity of life. Discover the grand adventures that await. This is what I want. 

I hope to discover many things this year. For adventures await. 

Do YOU have a word from 2012? If so please share it, I'd love to here about it.


  1. love the pictures. Still need to find my word. ;)

  2. What a beautiful way to put it. :) That's my biggest goal for this year too.

  3. i just found your awesome blog and am following! happy new year!(:



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