Friday, February 10, 2012

Remember when, v.i

remember |riˈmembər|verb [ trans. ]have in or be able to bring to one's mind an awareness of someone or something that one has seenknown, or experienced in the past.
It all started with a conversation and bunch of photos...

One thing that I have always loved is talking about memories. Memories with friends, siblings, cousins and family in general. It's that time when you say "Remember when?" or "Remember that one time?" It's those lovely moments, where for just a second you go back in time and remember all those many memories of your past.I love those times. Recently, my siblings, Megan, Jordan and I, had a conversation about our childhood. The many houses we lived in, how we teased each other, fun times at the beach, when the youngest two were born and many other random memories. It was probably the best conversation we have ever had. This conversation gave both Megan and I this idea. An idea that I have fallen in love with. This idea developed into what we are calling "remember when". Its a series we will both be doing on our blogs of things from the past. Things we remember. Memories we cherish. Not to mention, all of the old photos we dug out from the closet and attic. Lets take a trip into our memories. 
Remember when...I wore my favorite dress everyday? Just because it had the lion king characters on it. 

Me (jordan in the background)

Remember when...
We loved going to the zoo? Feeding the fish was our favorite.
Dad, Jordan + I

Dad + me

Remember when...Sitting on bouncy balls was the coolest thing to do? We felt so accomplished when we were able to sit on one. 

Remember when...We could have spent all day playing outside on the play set? The swinging? The running around and sliding? It never got old.
Jordan + I

Remember when...We piled toys on you when you were a baby? You were so fun to play with and tease as a baby. Its a surprise you don't hate us. 
Me, Megan + Jordan

Remember when...We used couch cushions as horses? Or castles? Oh what imaginations we had.
Me + Megan

Remember when...We took our first trip to silver dollar city? We bought bracelets, coonskin caps and rode "thunderation" 15 times.
Dad, Mallory, Mom, Me, Megan + Jordan

Remember when...We never made any serious faces? What goofballs we were.
Me + Megan
Yes I remember our silly childhood. Full of laughter and goofy faces. Full of outside games and inside messes. Full of imagination and mismatching clothes. Full of unforgettable memories.
"A sister (or brother) is a bit of childhood that can never be lost." - Marion C. Garretty 

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  1. We were such cute little kids. ;)
    also: nice birdie shirt. And that quote is my new favorite.

  2. adorable! love it all :))
    -jocee <3

  3. aww, these are so cute!
    I piled stuffed animals on my little brother once until my mom turned around and starting pulling them off so he wouldn't suffocate. hey, that's what little siblings are for! :)

  4. you were all so cute!!

  5. adorable! such wonderful memories!

  6. aw, this is so sweet. i love going down memory lane.


  7. This is so clever. You have some sweet memories. :)


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