Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My life in pins

Most of us have this common addiction.... to pinterest. How can you not? Inspiring words, photos, style ideas and diys. Its all right there! In one place! I'd have to say, I spend quite a bit of time on pinterest. With 2078 pins and counting, it shows. Seeing a few of these posts yesterday and especially Hannah's, I decided that I had to do one of these things. Because basically there's a lot of things on pinterest that equals my life. And who could pass up this opportunity to share pins on their blog? 

Now, I will say: choosing a few pins is a lot harder than it seems. I spent an hour or so going through pins and finding the ones I wanted. I have a basic three boards and I pin on: lovebeauty+inspiration, and words. With those being my biggest, it took a while. But then I ventured over to my style board and then on to my Harry Potter one.... man. I was in trouble. You all are lucky I didn't included 100 pins in this post. I think I did about 15... which is a good amount because otherwise we'd be here all day and then some.


source: nectar&light





My life in pins is:
+comfy clothes
+beach/desire to travel
+city love
+laughter (that cow picture gets me every time and I don't even know why.)
+random other things

If you love pinterest, then you should join in on this. It's quite fun really! And I'd love to read your life in pin posts as well! 



  1. that sylvia plath quote is marvelous. wonderful. and ... i have to ask... in real life, you're not a drunk bull, are you? okay, good, cuz then we'd have a problem. XD lol

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

    1. hahaha no. I promise I'm not a drunk bull. I realized after I put that on here the some people might think I'm a drunk cow or something... oh well. It really just makes me laugh :)

  2. Nice! I really like all of these... especially the drunk cow! I remember when we first discovered that one. lol

  3. Nice list! I like it how you threw some humor into it. ;)


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