Thursday, February 2, 2012

thread of summer

“Summer is butter on your chin and corn mush between every tooth.”
- Calvin and Hobbes

61 degree days just make my heart happy. Its like a taste of summer. When its just beginning to stay warm consistently. When it feels summer. (even though it looks like fall and should be winter) This is the kind of weather that you just want to sit and read a book in the soft grass, a slight breeze blowing your hair and birds singing in the trees. The kind of day that you want to ride your bike for miles in the woods.

I took a trip on this 61 degree day, to my favorite quiet place. The trail. No cars, not to many people, just birds and leaves rustling.

This trail, is my favorite place in our small town. Its beauty and calmness is overwhelming. I could spend hours on that trail. Just riding my bike.

This particular day, I left my bike at home and brought my camera instead. Let me tell you, you know you're a photographer, if you've only gone five feet in 10 minutes because you've been taking pictures of the sun rays and autumn leaves on the ground.Golden hour was at its peak as I arrived. The sun was streaming so perfectly it was like a magical new land. So perfect that you didn't want the sun to ever set.

January, thank you for that 61 degree day. Thank you for that thread of summer.

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  1. Beautiful pictures, Marissa! I LOVE that last one!

    1. Thanks Emily! The last one is possibly my favorite too. I love sunsets!

  2. hehe. that picture of me makes me laugh.
    I love the trail.


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