Sunday, April 8, 2012

Through words (guest post by Megan @ Borderless)

Maybe it's an
Or maybe
for just a moment
it's a chance to find
through the life of
who only exist
in our minds;
on the pages;
through the words.
© megan kristine

Late into the night, the pages turn, one after the other. And when I reach the back cover, the story over and the heart pounding done, it's like I've lost something. Sometimes I wish I could go back with a fresh mind to read it all over again. Because when reading a book for a second time, it's like remembering a good adventure -- not experiencing it again. I'm not rushing to see what happens the second time, and I'm not hanging on to the edge. But whenever I find myself wishing to read an old favorite like it was new, I just have to remind myself of all the millions of books I have left to read. The millions of books just waiting on the shelf. Waiting to be picked up. Waiting to become my new favorite. A story that, once read, will never leave. And books really are my favorite, not because for a moment I've stepped into another life and another place, but because sometimes, through the stories, I'm able to find myself and define who I am. Like I define who a character is. Through thoughts and reactions. What one experiences while reading I very nearly impossible to explain.

They call me Megan. Fourteen years old. Writer, photographer, artist, and reader. I'm either hopelessly uninterested or entirely obsessed. I like afternoon light and large piles of books. You'll never see me without my camera. I love being outdoors. The best part of my life is Jesus. Find my blog here: BORDERLESS.


  1. amen. just amen. yeah.
    -jocee <3

  2. Ah, spoken like a true bookworm. ;) This is like, my soul spilled out.


  3. Whoa Megan. This is awesome. And your poem is awesome. And you are awesome.

  4. Books have that effect on me, too. :) This really makes me want to start reading something. I don't read half so much as I ought.

  5. This, Megan - is absolute perfection. We could be, like, best friends!! I absolutely love reading. Have you read Lord of the Rings. Because you should. You should.

    Abbie /// XOXOX

  6. Really great pictures! I adore the first three!


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