Monday, May 7, 2012

monday to monday

coffee | senior recital practices | ice cream trips | grilling hot dogs | avengers mid-night premieres | visiting the camp grounds | receiving college acceptance letter | watching kittens play | photo shoots

There are a few things I learned this week:
- I'm pretty sure I'm obsessed with instagram
- Driving in storms with zero visibility and tornado warnings is not extremely enjoyable.
- When the internet goes down at our house, we can't really function. (kidding... mostly)
- Yotty's just has the best ice cream you guys. the best.
- I love super hero movies (okay, so I already knew this about myself)
- Cleaning the camp grounds for a couple of hours will make you super excited from summer.
- College acceptance letters are the best. ever.
- Megan's hair just looks awesome at all times.
- I drink a lot of coffee. (actually... i already knew this too.)

how was your week? Are you getting excited for summer?

much love-


  1. These photos are GORGEOUS! <3

  2. Megan looks like she's pulling a Hawkeye with her camera. ;)

    1. Hah. YES! this is what we do on sundays: walk down iowa city sidewalks and take pictures of each other.

    2. hahaha! Oh my goodness. This made me laugh!

  3. congrats on the college acceptance! may i ask where you got accepted?
    love these photos and how they capture life :)

  4. Ah! this week was so busy and so fun.

  5. You're killing me with all those ice cream tweets. And I think the fifth shot is my favorite. (The one with the flowers.) It's gorgeous!

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  6. This week was awesome (because I spent it with you and the rest of the gang of course!)

  7. hahaha! I just went to comment and your comment about comments made me laugh. So does this mean I'm rad?? hehe! I'm so glad I could spend this week with you!! :)

  8. 50th follower right here!! I love your blog! and your photos are gorgeous <3 care to stop by my blog and perhaps follow? :)



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