Tuesday, August 14, 2012

road trip | in the bags

We head out to St. Louis today. Bags are packed,  a 12 hour playlist had been made and snacks are waiting to be eaten. The car is slowly being loaded with suitcases, pillows and blankets. With a five hour drive ahead of us, entertainment is key. Over the years us kids have become pros at what to bring inside the car with us. Since I'm driving this time around, it's a little different for me, all I really need to bring is music! 
 What's in our bags? Here, take a look--
MEREDITH: the youngest. the little cutie. 8 years old. In her bag: note pads // coloring book // harry potter // pens + crayons // hat maker // kitten.

MALLORY: the blonde haired one. the goofball. 11 years old. In her bag: glow sticks // journal // harry potter // cross-stich project // puppy // art supplies // coloring book.

MEGAN: the short one. the writer. 14 years old. In her bag: writing notebooks // journals //  pens + pencils // macbook air // catching fire, spilling ink, maze runner // nikon d3000. 

JORDAN:  the tall one. the only boy. 17 years old. In his bag: glow sticks // black // ranger's apprentice // ipod nano // cellular device. 

MARISSA (me): music lover. the driver. 19 years old. In my bag: journal // pens // mockingjay // ipod, phone + point and shoot // keys // sunglasses // headphones // nikon d3000

I'm beyond excited for this road trip. First St. Louis, then southwest Missouri to visit family, then on to Oklahoma to move in to my dorm room! It's going to be a crazy week, but it's going to be a blast.


ps. as i will be heading off to college and attending freshman orientation, I've scheduled a few posts so that this blog won't die and so I won't freak out because i haven't posted in 2 weeks. So, be looking out for those. 


  1. Hahah. This is so funny. We all bring really interesting stuff.

  2. That is so interesting, Marissa! ;) I love all the things in your bags. :)
    Mikailah @ finding beauty

  3. LOL this is awesome! i love this idea, I will have to remember it next time my amily goes on a road trip.. :))) hope you have fun :)

  4. This is an awesome idea! You all take so few things... my brother and I literally load about every possesion into our bags, haha ;)
    Have a great time!

  5. Okay, I love this. A lot.

  6. This is such a great idea! Is it just you and your siblings on a road trip together? That is so cool!

  7. This is my new favorite post ever. What an awesome way to document all your siblings' personalities!

    Abbie /// XOXOX

  8. I absolutely LOVE this idea of taking pictures of what's in your bag. I really love it.

  9. I love this. And your family! (:

  10. Wow, I love the way you laid this out. It made me feel like I got to know each person a little bit. Very smart!

    Erin :-)


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