Wednesday, August 8, 2012

50 photos of summer | v. iii

count: 42/50

This coming week will be the last week of 50 photos of summer. Which makes me sad, because this was such a fun project! Next mondays post will be the last 8 photos. (This post is the past two weeks, since I skipped posting a week. )

1. cuddling kittens
2. ice cream in the park
3. messy buns
4. turning on the sprinkler
5. finish ice cream cups
6. anklets
7. ice cream in the park #2
8. cremé slushes from the coffee house
9. sunlight in your eyes
10. camp visit
11. music outdoors
12. woven
13. lawn chairs
14. school shopping
15. fountain
16. feet
17. another freckled face
18. memories of the summer
19. shadows
20. birthday froyo


  1. these are gorgeous, Marissa! :) I love this photo... wow. :) What camera do you use? {and I know! I can't believe summer is almost over. *sniff*}

    Mikailah @ Maid For Him

  2. I love your photography style - so real and raw. And my fave is #17, I think (not sure which number it is - I'm assuming it's the 'freckled face' one).
    I still have a month of summer break, but it's going to go SO fast.

  3. Hahaha Marissa I will never forget "the day you realized I had freckles." :D p.s. I LOVE your pictures!

  4. cool. I look really weird in those pictures...THAT picture. the end.

  5. mmm froyo!
    btw, we're hosting a painting giveaway on the blog this week - you're invited!


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