Saturday, March 2, 2013


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it was summer. it was winter. it was every season in between. february couldn't make up its mind what it wanted to be.

there were threats of a blizzard, but it didn't show its face. a snow day was wanted, but instead, a day of classes took its place.

we wished for snow, yet hated the cold wind. and when it rained it poured and not a single person was dry.

midterms came and went and the realization came that there was only two months left to freshman year.
wasn't it only yesterday that we arrived? didn't we just start our first day of classes? wasn't it just christmas break? no one will ever know where the time goes.

an ache in the soul stirred to read a book. library cards were to be had. the shelves were scanned and books were picked up. it was time to dive into new places and discover new things.

the shortest month of the year, had many things hidden up it's sleeve. February may never be able to make up its mind whether it's spring or winter, but maybe it likes it that way.

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." 
-Helen Keller


  1. I love these pictures.

  2. GOOD JOB YOU DID LIKE I TOLD YOU AND GOT YOURSELF A LIBRARY CARD. ALSO: Well it was just cold here, so be happy you at least got some nice weather! AND YOUR PICTURES!!!!! I LOVE THEM AND THEY MAKE ME HAPPY. Okay, so yeah, this was a cool post. GOOD JOB.


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