Monday, April 29, 2013


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The room known was 313 is sitting empty and still, as if no one had ever lived in it at all. The walls are bare, the closets empty and the floor clear. All that's left is the ghosts of memories of activity that took place inside of it.

Everything that was once inside 313 was loaded in a car, ready to be driven home. Removed from the car and placed in an office where it will sit in boxes  half way unpacked until August, when the cycle will start all over again.

It feels good to be home, but so strange at the same time. Everything is changing, but that's just the cycle of life.


  1. I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE HOME! But I'm also a little bit sad for you. But I'm also happy! But I'm also sad.
    It feels so weird for this semester to be ending, doesn't it?! Weeeeiiird. I'm so glad it's ending. And maybe possibly slightly a little sad about it too.

  2. You're home! Can't wait to see some more pictures. :)


    ps- did Megan do your design again?


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