Thursday, May 16, 2013


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BUCKET LIST #26: go to colorado. 

To put seeing Colorado for the first time into words is ultimately impossible. It was a 10 hour road trip divided into two days. The map led us through Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. Places that were new to the eyes and each state had more and more to take in. As the mountains began to peek out in the distance the excitement only built. The peaks were nothing but awe-inspiring and I could not get enough of them over the course of our seven day stay. 

We (my friend Morganne and I, plus her family) arrived at the cabin in Cuchara, unloaded everything and placed it the cabin and then all the fun began. The view was something that I cannot even begin to describe. Mountains on every side. White peaks in the far distance. Mountain life everywhere you turned. It was peaceful and rustic and much more than I had ever imagined. 

Our days began and ended late, because thats just who we are. But almost everyday contained some sort of adventure. Whether it was climbing up sand dunes, eating elk burgers or traveling down the backroads of the mountains for photo opts. Morganne and I had several "jam sessions" in the cabin while the snow fell outside. Seeing as both of us are music majors, we had to earn out keep by performing obviously. I don't remember a night that we went to bed before one or two in the morning. The late night hours were either filled with many episodes of LOST or life talks. But this wasn't anything out of the ordinary, because thats how our nights were at school. But everything seems better when you are surrounded by mountains.

Visiting Colorado made for a fantastic spring break. One I will never forget. Colorado was everything and more. If you've never been, start planning now, you won't regret it.

full photo set: colorado
instagrams from the trip found at: @marissakayann


  1. love colorado mountains... and back roads. :) looks like you had the best adventure. and cheers to checking it off your list. :) xx

  2. DUDE. I LIVE IN COLORADO. although (going from the landscape) you were about 7 hours away from where I live.
    northern colorado has a totally different vibe. personally, I like n.colorado better (i may or may not be a bit biased) because we get more snow and have less heat. and it's just home.
    anywho, yay for checking off of your bucket list! and aren't elk burgers just the bomb?!?
    xx. marcia

  3. Whoa Colorado is a BEAUTIFUL place! I would love to visit one day.

    dude these pictures though.


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