Saturday, May 21, 2011

Old Fashioned Farm

(Posted May 21 2011)

Our homeschool-group gets two thumbs up for having some of the coolest field trips. We've gone to the state capital, old indian mounds and all kinds of cool museums. (yes I am a museum person. LOVE them.) This past Monday, we took a trip to an Amish Farm. Now, I know that sounds really uninteresting, and your just thinking "Wow Marissa. A farm? Really?" But I was pretty cool. I mean, I like farms, and I've seen and visited many farms. But I have never been on an Amish Farm.

Amish Farms, happen to be as common as cows out here. As awkward as it sounds Amish people and they buggies are a main tourist attraction. That makes them sound like we keep them looked up in cages or something but, its true! Lots of people come to tour this part of Iowa for the Amish. Not because they are weird, or freaky, but because their lifestyle is so different from the everyday norm that we've all come to know. People come to see them "living the simple life" and to tell you the truth it really is fascinating when I sit and think about it.

Although, I will admit that often, me and my friends will make fun of people - tourist- who ask the question
"Where can we see some Amish?"
Because for us, seeing them IS normal. If an every day occurrence and its not weird or strange for us to see them. Its not as... exciting I guess, to see them, because we see them so often.
I put together this little video for all you city-folk who don't know what an Amish farm looks like, or who just, don't know what a farm looks like period.
Side-note: Don't expect to see the Amish family we visited, you can't take videos or pictures of them. So if you want to see them, it has to be in person.

Whats a fun field trip you've taken?

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