Friday, June 3, 2011

June Bring Fun- Friday Favorite Things

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Linking up to Rachel's Friday Favorite Things today.

1. If you've been following my blog for a while, you that camp starts in June. This means unending excitement for at least 6 weeks before camp starts and even more excitement as it gets closer and closer. It grows and grows every time you talk about memories from past years and amazing campfires. Two weeks with NO technology, no cell phones, no internet, no music and no movies/tv. I welcome that. I LOVE camp. You're so busy visiting with friends and having good times and making new memories you forget about all of that. Plus, every time I go to camp, I grow so much closer to GOD. Its insane and I love it. (I think I just got even more excited just by writing that paragraph!)
Check out this post and this post for more pics and stories from last year.

2. Grilling hamburgers. Yum. Its one of my top favorite things about summer.
(pic taken on itouch edited on Instagram.)

3. This song. So... haunting.
This was the only video I could find. Scenes are from Tuck Everlasting incase you were wondering.

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