Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 Moments & Memories

I find it super hard to believe that 2011 will soon be over. I always have a hard time adjusting to new years. I will more than likely write 2011 in my journal for three months before I finally get it into my brain that a new year has started. I will probably go into a panic sort of stage when I think about how close I am to finishing my senior year of high school and how much work still needs to be done. Most of all I'll probably hyperventilate when I think about all the changes that are going to happen within the coming year. Some fun and some scary, but I'm actually really looking forward to 2012. Its going to bring plenty of fun things that I will welcome with open arms.

I've never really looked back on a year with so much awe and a disbelief feeling over what has happened over the course of the past three hundred and sixty-five days.

I've deepened relationships with many of my friends. I've gotten a better picture of what I am here for and where God wants to use me. I've made hard decisions that I seconded guessed over and over and they turned out to be the best thing I'd ever done. I grew as a person, sister, friend, musician, photographer and a believer. I really cannot believe at times what a journey I went on in 2011, and I'm honestly excited to see what 2012 brings.
This is what I would look like if I was making an "excited" face. :)

And so, a recap of moments and memories from one of the best years ever.

What a way to start out the year! I finished up my visit to Georgia which was the entire highlight of my month. I think its gorgeous there and love my friends whom I miss. I'm really sad I couldn't make it down there this year. 
See. Isn't it gorgeous there?
I love this.
This is possibly my favorite picture. Sitting in the airport, drinking coffee before it was time for me to leave.

Snowpocalypse. The biggest snow storm of the year happen in february. Three feet. School cancelled. Lots of fun and shoveling. It was probably the most interesting thing that happened that month. [post]

I had my first official photo-shoot in march. This girl if one of my best friends had we had a blast that day. A couple of favorites:

April was one of those non-interesting months. Easter Sunday was probably the most exciting, and so I thought I'd share this pictures of Mallory. Yup. Thats my sister.

Krista's graduation party. What a fun afternoon! I had loads of fun helping her with her party. All of us "gang people" always have a blast no matter what we are doing. 

Camp. You knew this was coming right? If you've been reading my blog(s) for a while, you know that camp is a huge part of my summer. The highlight actually. So naturally. It takes June's spot of favorite moments of the year. [post]

Harry Potter Premiere. Yes. This is probably my favorite part of July. Midnight premiere was amazing and of course we went again a few days later. #1 movie the year by a long shot. 
Also, a highlight of July was sidewalk prophets concert in the park. So amazing and fun.

Eighteenth birthday (party). That was a fun day. I spent that day with my most favorite people in the world. We went to see Winnie the Pooh, because you know, we are kids and everything. Shopping was of course included and it was just an all around great day.

Not a whole lot happen in september. One of my most favorite nights was spent at home with my sisters. Mom and Dad were having a night out and Jordan was gone, so us girls had a party complete with pizza and root beer floats.
Also, I discovered my most favorite place in all of Iowa. The trail -as I like to call it. I love it. I wish it wasn't winter so I could just ride for miles on it. [post]

Halloween. I decided to get out of the house and walk with Mallory and Meredith around from house to house. They looked so cute in their outfits. 

The obvious number one thing about november is the arrival of my camera. [post
The second was an afternoon spent with Megan taking pictures in downtown Iowa City. I loved that day. {post}

There is a lot of things about december that I loved. The christmas parties, the lazy days, the long talks, the christmas specials, christmas in general, shopping and just time spent with friends and family. I'd have to say though, my favorite moment was the christmas party that Krista, Rebecca and I planned. It was a complete blast and SO much fun to plan for. I love those girls. {post}

Top Five Songs:
+Here comes the sun - the Beatles
+Somewhere only we know- Keane
+Paradise- Coldplay
+Fix you- Coldplay
+In your eyes- Peter Gabriel

Top Six Movies:
+Harry Potter: deathly hallows part 2
+Sherlock Holmes: game of shadows
+Soul Surfer
+The Muppets
+Winnie the Pooh
+Kung Fu Panda 2

Heres to a new year filled with new moments and memories, as well as photos and adventures. hello 2012


  1. Her comes the sun, doot'n'doo doo... Great song ♪

    Happy New Year!
    Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. Hahaha That flour fight was so much fun!

  3. You are precious. I love you. And your year. :D
    Here's to 2012!

    P.S. You need to post more. I made it a resolution. <3

  4. I love your blog! :) Great post!


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