Friday, April 13, 2012

to journal {guest post by jocee}

i've always liked writing. i've always liked making up characters and situations and places and things, and penning them down in a notebook, or typing them up on a computer. but when i get a case of writer's block, and nothing seems to be going the way i like, i step back, close my fiction, and write about real life. my life. journal.
i like to put down my thoughts. i like to carry my notebook with me everywhere i go, so if the urge hits me, i have my materials to write it down. most people i know think that writing, all types, should be kept in the school classrooms. but for me, writing should travel the world.

to journal is like turning your life into a story for people to read years and years later and imagine it as their own. to journal is saying things that you can't say for real. to journal is the many ramblings, musings of your mind and putting them to music. to journal is to relax. journaling is me.

jocee: dark amber brown eyes, brown hair, dreams with emerald green eyes, sees life in the color vintage, cupcake enthusiast, lover of British accents, left-handed, traditional coca-cola bottle lover, lavender vanilla bubble baths, sea shell collector, avid believer in Narnia, Wonderland and Middle Earth, dictionary reader, quill and ink writer, supporter of chocolate-chip cookie dough ice cream, profound quote creator, despiser of capital letters, your personal imagination station, inspired by rainy days, aspiring photographer, bubble blower. blogs at cupcake dictionary. sleeps on rugs.


  1. oh, my gosh. this post is perfect, jocee. and you're writing about your new camera, yes? well, well, well. i think i'd be 'jumping up and down' to and 'waiting for the ups', too. actually, i'd be dancing and screaming and crying and laughing and jumping all at once. and more. trust me, you won't want to be at my house when i get the camera. :)


  2. "sleeps on rugs." <--<< you're too cute.

    and by the way, i love this.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  3. aaaaannddd your handwriting is amazing. we should definitely write letters.


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