Tuesday, July 24, 2012

fair week || 2012

FILMED WITH || itouch 4th generation + canon powershot SD1400 IS

Fair week is something I honestly look forward to. We hang out at the grounds every evening. We watch as our friends accomplish things and win. We look through the photo building multiple times. We gather on rodeo night and for a little while, we get a taste of true country living and good old western fun. Our shoes are dusty, our cameras snap away and we just let go and have a blast. One of the best parts this year was showing all of this "western" and "american-ness" to a french lady. What a fab time!

my friend anne received reserve in showmanship and then grand-champion in agility in the dog show.
Mel didn't like the sheep sheering contest.
yes that is just a cup of ice. I'm pretty sure they got about 6 of those that day.

One of my favorite things to do at the fair is just to stand back and watch it all. All the hustle and bustle. Listen to all the animal sounds, the people sounds, the fair sounds. I let myself enjoy every minute of it and it was wonderful. What a fantastic fair week.



  1. looks like fun!! Awesome pictures!

  2. oh, these are awesome! I love going to the fair, ours is in about two weeks!

  3. Great pictures, Marissa! I love the dog-contest pictures... and the horse nose picture. :) Aaand all the pictures, in short. :D

    Our fair isn't until September... and it is pretty pathetic. {I mean, c'mon. It's Arizona.} But we will be going to a big fair in Ohio while we visit in September. I can't wait! ;)


  4. Looks like you had so much fun! I'm loving the bokeh-y picture of the fair ride!

  5. Hahaha. Love the video AND the pictures AND that day. :)
    again next year?

  6. i love the second and third last ones, of the fair at night. sounds like SO much fun!


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