Wednesday, August 1, 2012

lately + closing.

It's never clear why the months seem to pass so quickly. One minute you are welcoming a new month, and the next it's over and time for another one. It seems like only yesterday that it was the first of july. Summer had barely begun and we looked to the sun ready to embrace the summer.
Now, as summer is slowing coming to a close, I find myself trying to cram everything I  possibly can into the last few days of freedom. These end-of-summer-days have so far consisted of:
+ice cream trips
+water fights
+watching the dark knight rises
+lunch with friends from far away
+watching the olympics
+rooting for the fab five
+dorm room shopping

Summer is coming to an end. It's closing down and being packed away until next year, when we need sun-kissed hair and freckled faces again.


  1. I can't believe summer is almost over too! it's insane!!! and oh yeah, love watching the Olympics!

  2. Love this!! I can't believe it's August but I am excited for fall! Great pictures!

  3. how was the dark knight rises? my brother saw it, but I haven't yet. Anne Hathaway playing Catwoman surprised me, though Kendall said she did good. :)
    and I hear you on summer ending quickly. it's crazy.

  4. i look like an idiot.
    gah. summer went to quickly.

  5. loveliness. that last line is what i'm feeling right now.

  6. I know, right? It's crazy that summer is almost over.


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