Wednesday, July 4, 2012

a summer list

I'm probably the last person to get their summer list up, but summer so far for me has consisted of camp and a family reunion. This list is what I want to do the rest of the summer. I really, truly love summer. a lot. This year I just want to enjoy it all. The busy moments, the lazy days, the hot, the raining and the stormy days. I want to soak up the sun. Run in the grass. I want to spend time with my family and friends before I leave to college. I just want to enjoy the summer. Simply enjoying is the theme of my summer list this year.

go camping
read three books
sleep under the stars
do a summer photo project
enjoy the county fair
roll down a grassy hill
blow bubbles with sisters
eat outside
watch the sunsets
go on summer drives
go hiking 
go see "dark knight rises" with jordan
run every day
shop for dorm room supplies
write letters
make a summer mixtape
go see a movie with the siblings
be creative
roast marshmallows
cook something new
have a bonfire 
go on a road trip 
eat way to many popsicles 
start the day off in the word
just relax
have a movie night with megan
draw with chalk
make five woven bracelets 
run through the sprinkler
go on a photo adventure
eat froyo
run barefoot 
star gaze
and... just enjoy life.

What's on your summer list?


  1. These pictures are fantastic and loving your summer list!! :)

  2. i love this list! and these photos are gorgeous!

  3. I adore this. For some reason this inspired me a lot. :) I really want to go on a picnik, and weave a crown of flowers for my hair. I think I'm going to start a list.... :)

  4. Beautiful photos! And I know what you mean about trying to enjoy life to the fullest before leaving for college! I'm trying to do that right now, too. ;)

  5. I may have said this before, but I love the way your photos capture life. And great list!

  6. I love this list! And your pictures, too :)


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