Saturday, June 30, 2012

Intermediate Week.

This second week of camp I was a counselor of seven
lovely girls. They were hilarious, they were hyper, they
always wanted to know what was happening next.

One of the things I love about being a counselor is
getting to know the kids. The kids in this age group
(7th-9th grade) are just beginning to discover who
they are. It's wonderful. I love watching them because
I remember being their age and even though it seems
like forever ago, it really wasn't.

I also love this age group because they surprise you
in so many ways. The way the think about things,
the knowledge they have and their thoughts on God
just amaze me.

I love this week. The staff and the campers are wonderful.
Now, for the photo dump.
The ever popular hangout place: the double swings.
The best tea in the world... obviously. (ps, thats JJ)
This is Billiey. And she is awesome. And no that's not her real name. (:
yes, those two guys in the middle of the field are dancing. Why? I have no idea.
You can always hear her laughing across the camp grounds.
One night at campfire, we all had glow sticks and held them in the air. It was pretty awesome. 
One night we had a themed dinner. The theme was superheros and one of my campers- Emily- went as her mom because her mom is her superhero. 
I taught at least six people what the term "golden hour" meant. Then for the rest of the week they'd exclaim "It's golden hour!!!!"
This is Colby. I've known this chick forever. 
This is Caris. I've known her since forever. 
Yes, Colby is throwing carrot cake.
But Maddy didn't catch it. 
The boys had a supply of pop for their "party" the last night of camp.
Rolling in the grass. Laying in the field. 
This is Maddy. She is crazy. I've known her since forever. 
Starting them young.
And so camp 2012 ended for me. I had the best of times
with some of my favorite people. It was just a fantastic
two weeks.

Did you attend/will you be attending any camps this summer?
I'd love to hear about them!

xo. marissa

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  1. Camp is so much fun. I went to a church camp for a couple of days and it was quite a learning experience. And may I mention that your blog is kind of awesome, and I love your photos.

    -ryan :)

  2. Wow, I love this! I just counseled at Jr. Girls week, which is ages 9-11. It was such an amazing experience. I also counseled Bunny Camp (7-8), and I'll be going to Sr. Girls (12-14) as a camper.

    Abbie /// XOXOX


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