Sunday, August 5, 2012

so my sister's 19. | a post by this blog's author's sister

This is my sister Marissa.
I don't really know what was up with us, but when we were younger we were like always...mad at each other. And then 2008 happened. That year we magically became friends. So that was cool. We've shared a room for ages. We have the same friends. We have the same cameras. And we kinda look like twins in black and white. (but only black and white.) We share ideas and thoughts and worries. If I have a problem -- anything from what I should wear to what I should do with my life -- I talk to her.

Girls are always saying that older sisters make life hard because it gives you a huge pair of shoes you have to grow into. Well I've never felt like that. And it's not because she hasn't ever done anything cool. Like, guys -- seriously -- she's amazing. But for me, an older sister isn't the one that gives me the shoes to fill, she's the one who's helped me create my own shoes. We give each other hard times about stuff, but we're truthfully always wanting each other to thrive as our own person. I don't even know what sort of person I'd be if I didn't have Marissa as an older sister.


I remember being 11 and thinking that marissa was the almighty cool 15 year old. Today she turned 19. And I'm all like "WHAT??" because that means in 2 months I'll be 15. guys do you even know how insane that is? MARISSA IS 19 YEARS OLD.

I didn't want this to be one of those sentimental oh-my-word-my-sister-is-19-and-is-going-off-to-college-in-like-12-days-she's-leaving-me-for-good sort of things. Because although I'm going to probably cry my eyes out the second I hug her goodbye until probably Thanksgiving, I'm like actually insanely excited for her. I mean, she's got big enough plans to go out there and be the coolest person in the world. So go do it, sis. But promise you won't forget our chatting schedule. I expect a Skype call 2 times a week. I never really thought it'd be possible for her to be any cooler, but man I see it coming.


xo, your sis / dancing buddy / yeah-we-stay-up-really-late-on-saturdays-talking-about-writing / dude-your-crazy-time-is-like-every-time / DON'T YOU DARE TWEET THAT / will-forever-be-taking-pictures-of-you-taking-pictures-of-me / dude-my-freashman-year-is-your-seinor-so-yeah,

p.s. let's be real...we'll probably still look like this when we're old ladies:
the end.


  1. That's definitely how I feel about Kendall. He's turning 18 in less than a week and he's going to college. We used to argue all the freakin time. Then something happened, and all we basically do is laugh.
    p.s. That last picture is hilarious. We have one of Kendall and I similar to that... except we're shirtless, we have tattoos on our belly buttons, and I'm singing in to a spoon.

  2. aw so sweet. i can't believe how fast my life is going by. and it's pictures like the last one that give us something so look back and smile about years down the road when we're wrinkled and feeble and 9000 years old. :)

  3. this is so sweet Megan! And Happy Birthday Marissa!

    p.s. you are so gorgeous, girl!!

  4. Wow! You almost made me cry! :) You two def have a special relationship and I know it'll be super hard when she leaves. But she IS going to do a bunch of really cool stuff!.. And we're all going to miss her like crazy!!

  5. Happy birthday Marissa! And this is so sweet - I've always wished I had an older sister

  6. I know how you feel. When my brother Zachary went off to college, it was hard to leave him. I love hanging out with him. Yeah, it's really hard getting older, but it's just something that happens. I'm just so happy that you have so many good memories with your sis. :)


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