Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Simple Beauty

A few weeks ago, when the trees were just barely beginning to change. When the world was just beginning to shut down for the cold season ahead, I took a most pleasurable ride on a gorgeous nature trail.

I've always loved bike rides. Something about the calm rhythm of the peddles as you ride along just erases any stress or worry and you just... glide.

Calmly riding along, with leaves crunching under the fast moving wheel, listening to Mumford and sons, coldplay, adele and many other great autumn feeling songs is something I could do for hours if I could.

Riding on this trail is like an adventure. Its always changing day after day. It never looks the same.
One day while riding, I went just a bit farther than normal, and discover this gorgeous metal bridge.
I paused to just breathe and listen to the slow moving water underneath and the chipping birds, a sound that is slow become a rare thing to hear.

I'm addicted to riding on this trail. An hour at least is a must. Going about 6 miles is something that has become so effortless and easy, all because of the incredible beauty of nature and the fields now bare of the crops and trees slowly loosing their leaves that now cover the ground in a colorful, crunchy blanket.
I get lost in mindless though as I ride, loosing track of the time, and heading back pondering the next time I will able to ride on the beaten path of this piece of simple beauty.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up comment on my blog, Marissa. :)

    I love all the wonderful leading lines in these photos! My absolute favorite is the one taken of the bike in motion. =D
    I miss those early-autumn days--it has been snowing here the past couple of days! And I miss the midwest, where the land and sky stretch on forever to meet again at tomorrow... (although I do love the mountains here as well. God's creation is all so beautiful!)


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