Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Up with the birds

If I have never expressed how much I love autumn, let it now be said that I absolutely adore it. I look forward to this time of year, every year.

I anticipate the beauty and color it brings. The burning of leaves and hot coco. The cool weather and leaves crunching under your feet. The farmers in field, bring in the crops. The sweatshirts and the pumpkins. The feast that comes at the very end, that is filled with delicious hot dishes and times with family. How can you not love this season? 

And now, with the coming of November this season almost over. My most favorite time of year is coming to a close. Soon there will be snow on the ground. Instead of light jackets we will adorn heavy winter coats. The world will turn into black, grey and white for what seems like the never ending season known as, winter.

Oh fall. I am going to miss you. 

p.s. bouns points for you if you know who sang the song that is the title of this post! (:

p.p.s And yes to do realize that this post has nothing to do with birds. 


  1. Awesome pictures! =) And Coldplay sang up with the birds, right? Haha.. I made be wrong. =)

  2. pretty autumn colors in the photos, sis!


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