Thursday, June 28, 2012

senior week.


It was finally here. The week that everyone
had been posting statuses about. The week
that we all counted down to. Text were sent
out/received that said "I'm so excited to see you".
Excitement was so high that you wanted to
scream, jump up and down, pee your pants,
laugh and smile all at the same time. It wasn't
just because of the people we were going to
see. It was also because we knew this week
was going to be filled with awesomeness and

People started arriving at camp. The excitement
was building. We screamed and hugged.
We signed up for cabins. We unpacked
our bags and rehashed old memories and what
we had been up too. We could tell it was going
to be a good week.

Senior week was nothing but fantastic. We were
vulnerable with each other. We admitted things
to each other. God grabbed us and showed us
what we had been missing. We put out trust in
God together, as a camp. We worshiped Him.
We spent 16 hours in prayer. We anointed
each other. We laughed, we cried and rejoiced
together, as a camp. We learned what really
matters. We formed a community.

We had fantastic discussions and talked for hours.
We helped each other. We formed new friendships
and strengthened old ones.

Camp had its serious times, but it had its fun times too.

We put together a fantastic talent show. We (as in my
cabin) dyed out hair purple. We played capture the flag.
We cracked jokes and made silly faces. We made tons
of friendship bracelets. We wrote notes. We made
 mailbags. We all dressed up for banquet. We sang
"you and I" over a hundred times. We bonded.
Erica gettin' her hair bleached! 
Maddy, our hair dyer!
(picture taken by megan) This is what my hair looked like after it was dyed. Pretty rad yes?

teaching my camp friends how to shoot in manuel/how to use a camera in general. It was hilarious. "What's ISO again?"

It was one of the hardest days ever when senior week ended.
I was standing by my friend Caris and after we finished
closing circle she said: "Marissa, we will never be campers
again... I'm going to cry..." and then we hugged and both of
us just cried for a few minutes. It was like a piece of our
childhood had ended- which in a way it had because camp
will never be the same for us.

As sad as it is that I will never be a camper again, senior week
will always hold a special place in my heart. Camp will always
be a part of my life, is some way or another.

xo. marissa.

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  1. great post! camp is always such an awesome thing where special (and hilarious!) memories are made!

  2. beautiful post. :) how time flies!! God is so good, though. He's in everything; directing, and correcting. :)


  3. looks like you guys had a great time! I love your photos.

  4. I really love this post.. the pictures, the words, the memories. And I wasn't even there! :D


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