Monday, June 25, 2012

home again

I had mixed feelings about coming home.
After all, camp is basically a second home to me.
But after two weeks of not sleeping in my own
bed and taking a shower with the bugs, part of me
was ready.... and yet part of me wasn't.

The environment of camp is something I haven't been
able to find anywhere else. The nature noises, starry
skies and that constant outdoors smell is just so perfect.

Of course things like that can only last for a short while.
Eventually you have to come back to the normal life.
The busy and hectic life. Camp was God filled, amazing,
awesome and fantastic all at once. Relationships grew
stronger and new ones were formed. It was beautiful.

I'm so excited to share camp photos with you this coming
week. For now, pictures from the past weekend, after camp.

| I spent the weekend with my friends Maddy, Colby and Caris in Des Monies. |

waiting at zombie burger
deciding what kind of burger to get... trailer trash or planet terror? 


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